If you're in the Seattle area, you can order online and pick up at Fable All Day in Beacon Hill! Ask us how! Yes, we do custom orders. Contact us to learn more.

About Us

We are a couple-owned and operated business that makes small-batch, handcrafted chocolate and confections.  


We specialize in tasting flights as we find that it allows our customers to enjoy different cacao origins and playful flavors with each box.  This is a great way to share the sweet adventure, surprise yourself when your favorite bar changes with each flight combination, and enhance the tasting experience when you can't choose just one.

We start at the point of roasting the cacao beans in the case of our dark and milk chocolates, and from grinding cocoa butter, milk and natural fruits or spices for our white chocolates.  From start to finish product, this process takes us just about a week per batch, and therefore we will release our flights about once a month.

We have started adding more chocolate bars of your favorites and ours, so you get to indulge in those times that you do not want to share.  As for  confections, we will be offering them as a way to surprise you (and us!)  from time to time, as we get inspired to try new things.

We will work to release our current batches sometime around mid month, but the exact day does vary, so keep an eye on our site or follow us on Instagram figusandcortes.

Do you have any questions or comments?

Please email us at info@figusandcortes.com

Thank you for being our customer!

J & J