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OHC - Oaxacan Hot Chocolate

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This Oaxacan style drinking chocolate is stone
ground to form a paste that is not fully refined
or tempered. 

It's meant to be mixed with hot water or milk, and to be enjoyed sipping.

It's different because it's true bean-to-cup!
It uses the whole bean, not just the cacao solids, and it contains cinnamon and almonds in
addition to sugar.  

It's a ubiquitous drink in Oaxaca, day or night, and oh so delicious!
A little tip from FC, you can also add it to your cup of coffee for a special mocha.

Dark chocolate, 47% cacao
Comalcalco region, Tabasco, Mexico cacao nibs

Other Ingredients:
Organic cane sugar
Raw almonds

Contains almonds

Milk, nuts and gluten are processed in the same kitchen

Suggested serving size is 50 grams (1.8 oz.) per cup of hot cocoa.  However, you can add as little or as much as desired according to your taste.
Mix into 240 mL of hot milk, water or coffee (1 cup).